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I am videographer, photographer and camera assistant with an insatiable lust for music and travel. 


I worked for VICE Germany, producing, shooting and editing content for vice.com. Earlier this year,

I worked as a camera and production assistant on a VICE Studios production shooting in prisons in the Netherlands, Colombia, Brasil and Germany. 


I’m originally from Vienna, Austria but have lived all across the UK and New York City for 10 years. Now I live in Berlin. My aim is to hone my critical mind and create documentary content which uncovers social injustices and political wrongdoing. I also love adverts! 

2019 Video/Photo commissions include: ​Felix Räuber,  The Creators Catalysts (Sookee), Maffick Media, MP Management (Liedfett), Mymoria, VICE Media Germany, 

Hire me until we can all resort on an island in the sun. 


+49 15901378735